Features Of Our Wire Terminal Crimping Machines

August 31, 2021

Latest company news about Features Of Our Wire Terminal Crimping Machines

1. Fully automatic double end crimping machine is specially designed for ultra-fine wires and high-precision wires. The wire cutting, stripping, and Crimping are more precise and stable.
2. The double-head terminal machine adopts Japan's Mitsubishi servo and Taiwan's Hi Win screw, which are precisely matched to ensure mechanical precision, efficiency, and stability.
3. Full computer touch screen operation, the input of cutting length, stripping, half-stripping and twisting, and other parameters can be set completed at one time, reducing the adjustment time, no need for professional operation, and the adjustment is simpler and more convenient.
4. The computer automatically detects mechanical failures and displays the cause of the failure, which facilitates rapid troubleshooting and greatly improves production efficiency.